killing apathy, one town at a time.

If you’re not giving serious effort towards revitalizing your community, it’s dying. Revitalize or Die isn’t a catchy tag name, it’s a choice. It should be a wakeup call. Statistics show most rural communities are dying already. Look at population statistics, demographics, investment figures. When you see that small towns are getting older, poorer, less educated, less employed, more depressed, more stressed, more addicted, you realize a way of life is perishing. Every measurable metric indicates that a majority of small towns are facing this grim reality. Most aren't taking any meaningful steps to turn themselves around. It seems that most have accepted that their better days are behind them and there is nothing to be done. This is bullshit. This may be fine for an individual to say about his or her own life. Maybe you lost your job, maybe you got divorced, maybe you had some tough breaks and want to throw in the towel- that sucks, but it’s the choice an individual can make. Apathy cannot be a choice for a community. Apathy will fester in every single person in that community, and the community will, in all ways, decay. This is why revitalization is so important. Our communities shape our lives and we cannot allow ourselves and our future generations to be shaped by places beneath them. We deserve better from our city leaders, our fellow community members, and from ourselves. We need to deliver. We need to stop whining about what once was, about the days gone by and take a real hard look at ourselves, be honest about our problems and start making different choices. We need to shape our communities so they are worthy of the people that call them home.