Organizational development


Communities are a collection of people, of businesses, and all the common spaces and places in between. The success of every entity in a community is dependent on the place in which they all share. It does, after all, take a village. Each institution’s individual success will be limited by the health of their common location. If there is no collective entity in the community concerned with improving the quality of life and creating a vibrant core, every person, company and organization will suffer from the disconnect. The Coalesce process brings together community stakeholders to have honest conversations about what it takes to revitalize and develop a consensus vision about what people want and what it will take to get there. From this new collective effort, we will work together to create a sustainable, community based organization, to oversee the revitalization process.

Badass your board

The road to revitalization failure is paved with good intentions. We make the mistake of believing we have to ask less of volunteers in hopes of attracting a larger pool. This is the quickest way to ensure a board built on apathy. Revitalization is the most important thing we can do for our communities and therefore we must demand so much more from our volunteers. We must build a badass board from the best and the brightest. We must become a community of do’ers. By evaluating board roles and responsibilities and developing a new set of expectations, we will set appropriate standards that meet the high expectation your mission demands.


The mission of your revitalization organization has the ability to affect every single person in the community, but all too often those mission statements go unmet. It’s time to align your aspirations with your actions and start doing the work your organization is capable of and the community desperately needs. By taking a candid approach to strategic planning, we cut out wasted time and effort and get to the point. Through this process we will assess if your mission statement is appropriate, and update it if needed. We will identify short-term goals and long-term aspirations. We will decide who is in charge of each identified project and align accountability measures to ensure the work gets carried out.